Welcome to Android Modders Guide! The best online resource on Kernel variables and Android related tools.   Changes done on the webpage:   21/10/17: - Woohoo! The site is now using one of the newest themes available on blogger :) 20/10/17: - Wow it has been a long time since I've updated the guide. Here are the changes for today - Various improvements to the Filesystem page. Remove copy/paste taken from XDA thread. Improved advantages and disadvantages breakdown. Improved overall conclusion statement - Also, why no new Blogger theme? I simply haven't had the time to make this website look nicer, that's all :) 12/03/17: - Removed some governors from recommended list 8/03/17: - Added descriptions for Nebula and Relaxed CPU governors 1/03/17: - Minor update to Mako hotplug description - Updated description for Ktoonservative 25/02/17: - Updated description on mako hotplug  24/02/17: - Fixed minor issues with font size in multi-core governor select